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Sob7iet Coaching with Johnny

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Break out of your comfort zone and experience a new you - design your life from this day onward! ​

What will be covered during a Sob7iet Coaching, Group Life Coaching?

  • ​​Wheel of Life: Take an assessment of your current level of satisfaction with your career, finances and all the other areas of your life.​​

  • Values: Discover what compels you to take action and what drives you to achieve.​​​

  • Beliefs: Find out and Change your Limiting Beliefs to empowering ones to make their powers work with you instead of against you.​​

  • Taming your Gremlin: Identify and manage your internal “Saboteur”, the inner voice that creates the gap between who you really are and who you think you are.

What if you attend a Sob7iet Coaching, Group Life Coaching?

Imagine being able to get rid of the habits that are creating nuisance in your life and create the ones that empower you to achieve whatever you set your mind and heart for; would that help you get what you want?

How is the Sob7iet Coaching, Group Life Coaching delivered?

Imagine having the ability to control your doubts and fears, to manage your relationships and results in a manner not only to design but to actually lead a truly fulfilling life.


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