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Coaching Mentorship Program Lebanon | Dubai | KSA
for Life Coaches | Executive Coaches | NLP Coaches 

"Coach the Coach"


Many promising coaching careers are lost when the coaches were not well equipped to face the Five major killers of Life Coaches / Executive Coaches’ careers (with no order of importance):


  • Not creating a marketing and branding campaign to a stream of client inquiries that he/she can turn into coaching sessions and revenue.

  • Lack of experience in converting Coaching inquiries into paid coaching sessions, losing confidence in their abilities, and getting disheartened.

  • The inability and inexperience of aspiring coaches to identify their most effective Niche.

  • Not continuing Coach specific education.

  • Not using their coaching and communication skills in alternative revenue generating avenues


the necessity of solid foundation for his/her success in Coaching to seek and choose a mentorship program to prepare, tackle and eliminate the threat of the career killers. A program that assists the Coach in consolidating and solidifying their skills, helps in developing a robust business understands it is crucial for any Life Coach or Executive Coach who strategy, and creates a free-flowing stream of client inquiries and revenue.


This Life Coach or Executive Coach mentoring program is spaced over a period of time spanning from Six to Twelve Months depending on the assessed level of the mentee Coach and his/her desired objectives. It will cover mentoring on existing challenging cases, supervised coaching sessions, regular and emergency mentoring phone calls, tasks, research, reading, and accountability.


This opportunity is open to only a handful of coaches at a time, a preliminary discovery meeting with the Master Coach is essential for enrollment.


Your choice for a Life Coaching or Executive Coaching mentorship program should be based on the Mentor’s experience and proven continuous success in the Life and Executive Coaching world, financial and otherwise.


You will be mentored by one of the highest paid coaches in Lebanon, Johnny El Ghoul, Master Coach who has not only walked and still is walking the path, he was also one of the pioneers in doing so in Lebanon under tough market conditions and deep public unawareness of what Life Coaching even is.


Johnny has the longest and most rewarding coaching career in Lebanon besides a far-reaching International exposure. He is the founder of Crossroad Coaches, and is the coach and mentor for a great number of fellow coaches in Lebanon, Dubai, and internationally.


Imagine how you would feel when you build your coaching practice on a solid foundation that compels clients to single you out from a sea of inexperienced fresh graduates. How about learning how to monetize your Life Coaching experience in different revenue generating activities that taps into your coach experience and level of skill.


Imagine having the confidence to tackle even the most challenging of cases, easily and effortlessly taking your clients from where they are to where they need to be, what impact will that have on your coaching career?


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