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Achieving Sales Mastery

Team Leaders Feedback - Sobha Realty

Both skill and will are important for success in sales because they complement each other and work hand-in-hand.

Skills refer to the knowledge and abilities required to effectively perform sales tasks, such as prospecting, building relationships, presenting products or services, handling objections, and closing deals. Having strong sales skills enables one to confidently and persuasively communicate the value of a product or service to potential customers, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.


Will, on the other hand, refers to the determination and drive to succeed in sales, despite challenges and setbacks. Sales can be a challenging and competitive field, and having a strong will allows one to maintain focus, persist in the face of rejection, and continuously strive to improve and reach goals. Possessing both the necessary sales skills and the drive and determination to succeed are essential for success in sales.


The intervention will adopt a spaced learning methodology providing participants with ample practice time, opportunities to identify areas for improvement, and the ability to seek clarification in subsequent sessions. 


The intervention is highly interactive, incorporating demonstrations, Role-Plays, practice exercises, group discussions, and Q&A sessions. This creates a stimulating learning environment where participants can confidently apply their newly acquired skills. Self-analysis questionnaires, feedback instruments, and personalized attention from the trainer further ensure that the material is internalized, rapidly utilized, and seamlessly integrated into the work environment.


The attendees will be assigned tasks to complete between sessions to optimize assimilation of the learned skills.

The Workbook for this intervention will include reading materials and self-assessments for the participants to complete between the intervention days

Language: English Material, Arabic and/or English delivery


Group Size: Up to 20 per Group (Max)


Duration: The methodology employed for this intervention has been designed with customization in mind, allowing for flexibility and adaptation in number of training days to meet the needs of the trainees and budget allocation. (1, 2, 3, or 8 Days

Full Program Contents

8 Full Days (9:00AM-4:00PM)


Mastery Skill Tree

Human Communication Model 

Patterns recognition 

Building Rapport

Push vs Pull Strategy

Questions are the answer 

Measuring Success 

NEADS Based Selling

SPIN Selling 

Active listening

Sensory Acuity 

Prospecting & Referrals

Cold Calling

Features vs Benefits 

Handling Objections 

Representational Systems

Eye Accessing Cues

Anchoring Powerful States

SWOT Analysis 

Behavioral Styles 

Closing Techniques 

Transactional Analysis 

Advanced Persuasion Meta Programs


Mastery Will Tree

Stress management

Stress Test

Classes of experience

Fang Shui of the Mind

Setting Achievable Goals 

Success Formula

Habits of Consistent Achievers

Wheel of Life



Assertiveness Test

Self Coaching - ORION Formula

Big 5 Personality Traits

Emotional Intelligence 

Values Alignment

Empowering Beliefs 

CBT Model of Change

Change Curve

Meet your Gremlin 

Putting it all together 

Optional Program Add-Ons

Sales Suitability Indicator

Used also when recruiting new Salespeople, this test assess your team members level of proficiency for the 10 most important competencies for Real Estate Sales as well as provide a tailored development plan for each individual. The competencies measured are: Business Development, Technical Expertise, Personal Impact, Communication Skills, Listening and Building Rapport, Direct Persuasion, Relationship Building, Exploiting Opportunities, Perseverance, and Achievement Drive. 

Field Training

Field Training is crucial for sales trainees as it offers practical experience and skills not attainable through theory alone. It bridges theory and practice, molding trainees into competent sales professionals. While classroom training provides foundational knowledge, field training immerses trainees in real-world scenarios. It allows them to interact with customers, observe sales professionals, and grasp the complexities of the sales process.


Sales Clinics

Sales Clinics serve as a concentrated learning environment that empowers salespeople to sharpen their skills and stay ahead in a competitive market. They are essential for refining the skills of sales professionals. Sales clinics provide an opportunity to analyze and fine-tune techniques such as prospecting, pitching, objection handling, and closing deals. Through interactive exercises, role-playing, and feedback sessions, sales professionals can enhance their communication, negotiation, and problem-solving abilities.


One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is a powerful tool for boosting the will, drive, and motivation of salespeople. This personalized approach focuses on understanding individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Through regular coaching sessions, sales professionals receive personalized guidance, support, and encouragement tailored to their specific needs.

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