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Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to understand your own emotions and the emotional triggers of others, take control and gain the respect of all your peers. If you can control your emotions and respond to those of others you can open the door to untold careers and life success.


  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence means

  • Learn the EI Competencies

  • Know yourself, increase yourself awareness

  • Develop Empathy

  • Learn how our Model of the World and Belief Systems affect our Emotions

  • Building Self Management

  • Learn the Six Leadership Styles and which one to use in different situations

  • Consciously choose your thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Understand Ego States and find out your own dominant Ego State

Duration: 1 full Day


Session Outline:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence: why is it a crucial factor to succeed in Business and in Life?

  • EI Competencies: Learn and develop them:

  • Self Awareness: How well do you know, or think you know yourself. Take an inventory in self awareness.

  • Self Management: Handling our emotions so that they facilitate rather than interfere; delaying gratification to pursue goals; recovering well from emotional distress.

  • Social Awareness: Using Empathy: Learn how People Tick and how we code our experiences and find out what makes people behave, feel and act the way they do.

  • Social Management: what is it and how we develop it? Learn the Reframing technique to choose the most appropriate thoughts, feelings and actions through changing the content and/or context of the situation at hand.

  • EI & Leadership Style: Correlation between EI Competencies, Styles, Climate and Results, Organizational Climate:The Six Components

  • The Six Leadership Styles: When best to use each style, Impact of Styles on Climate and Bottom Line Results

  • Transactional Analysis: Through a Self-Assessment test, discover your own dominant Ego State and learn how it affects your and others communication outcomes. Learn the techniques to handle negative emotions through managing Ego States.

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