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Relationships Coaching Program

Lebanon | Dubai | KSA

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“Forever After?”: Cracking the Code of Attraction, Love & Relationships

Ready to uncover the secrets of human mating strategies? With the divorce rate at 40-50% and the number of single adults and violence in relationships on the rise, it's more important than ever to understand the intricacies of human behavior and relationships.


Our workshop delves deep into the evolution of sex and love, exploring the strategies of attraction and the differences in mate selection strategies used by both men and women. Based on years of scientific research, this workshop is must-attend for Coaches, Couples, social workers, and anyone looking to improve their understanding of human behavior and have better relationships.


Take your understanding of love and relationships to the next level with the wide range of topics we’ll be covering such as:


  • The evolution of sex and love

  • Strategies of attraction and mate selection

  • Differences in selection strategies between men and women

  • Reasons for having sex and the differences between men and women

  • Virginity and celibacy

  • Strategies of attraction used by women and why they fall for "bad guys"

  • Pre-selection and the friend zone

  • Impact of status and mating success on emotional regulation

  • Mate value discrepancy and self-evaluation

  • Strategies of deception in courtship and sexual deception

  • Contraception and the freedom it provides

  • Attachment styles, monogamy, and polygamy

  • Differences between long-term and short-term relationships

  • The itch cycle and the desire for sexual variety

  • Reasons for infidelity and different types of infidelity

  • Mate poaching, mate retention strategies, and jealousy

  • Impact of children on mating and relationships

  • Influence of violence in mating, including male and female competition

  • Modern day mating strategies and their impact on body image perception and choosing a mate

  • Maximizing chances of success in a relationship

  • Possibility of lifelong mating and warning signs of a relationship in danger

  • Tips on how to maintain a long-term relationship


Sign up now to gain valuable insights, understand your own strategy, and improve your chances of success in relationships and understanding of human behavior. An opportunity to learn from experts in the field.


Date February 9th & 10th 6:30 - 9:30 - Online

Investment: $199 Includes attendance and course workbook

Early bird discount: $149 (Book by: January 31st at 8:00PM)

Couple discount 20%


Whatsapp: +961-3-191 222

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