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Achieving Sales Mastery
Sales Clinics


The Sure-Step-by-Step Online Sales Training Program That Will Help You Succeed


This program covers all the Skills you need to succeed in Direct Selling from the essentials sales tools and techniques to the most advanced behavioral tools on the psychology of persuasion.

To succeed in sales you need the both: solid skills as well as an unwavering Will. i.e: your motivation, drive and persistence. That's where the "Whole Person" Section comes in to fill in that gap that is widely overlooked by conventional sales trainings.

Must Have Skills
  1. Push Vs Pull Strategy - Questioning

  2. Prospecting & Cold Calling

  3. Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication 

  4. Structured Presentation Approach

  5. Handling objections

  6. Closing techniques

  7. Negotiations Skills

Advanced Skills
  1. Sales Suitability Assessment

  2. The Human Communication Model

  3. Rapport building & Active Listening

  4. Clients Communication Styles

  5. Clients Behavioral Styles 

  6. Handling Difficult Clients

  7. Advanced Negotiation & Persuasion 

Whole Person
  1. Stress Management

  2. Forming Effective Sales Habits

  3. Identify Your Ignitors & Inhibitors

  4. Self- Coaching - ORION Formula

  5. Self Awareness & Management - EQ

  6. Identify your Temperament Preferences

  7. Setting and Achieving Goals

Why Sales Clinics is the Right Choice for Sales Professionals


Sales Clinics is the perfect choice for direct salespeople of all levels, from beginners to experienced pros. The program is designed to help you develop the skills and mindset you need to succeed, no matter what your experience level.


Here are just a few of the benefits of joining Sales Clinics:


  • Learn from experienced and successful Sales Coaches

  • Focus on learning only what you need to improve

  • Pay only for what you need to learn

  • Get access to proven sales strategies and persuasion techniques

  • Develop the skills you need to close more deals

  • Build your confidence and self-belief

  • Overcome challenges and setbacks

  • Achieve your sales goals and earn more money


Sign up for Sales Clinics today and start on your journey to sales success!


How it works: Identify the part(s) of your Sales Cycle which you believe you need to reinforce. Attend only those sessions that are most relevant to your career development. If you are not sure which skills you need, we can help you identify your areas of development using the "Sales Suitability Indicator" Assessment Tool. It will measure your current level of competence in the Ten most important Sales competencies as well as precisely identifying your areas of development.

Methodology: Early Morning Sessions for Easy Scheduling. Sales Clinics sessions are held online early in the morning, giving you the chance to practice what you have learned during your sales day. This is the perfect way to maximize your learning and improve your results.

Spaced learning is ideal for learning retention and application in the field for salespeople because it allows them to learn new skills and concepts gradually, over time. This helps them to internalize the information and make it more accessible when they need it in the field.

Your Investment:

  • All the Sessions are priced equally at AED497 Per Attendee/Session for the UAE Market (US$147 for International Registrations)

  • Individual Packages: Register for 4 Sessions, Pay for 3

  • Group Packages for Companies: Register 5 attendees, pay for 4

  • Have a larger team or interested in In-Person Training? Contact us for a customized package

Sign up for Sales Clinics today and start on your journey to sales success. With this proven program and experienced trainers and coaches, you'll have everything you need to achieve your goals and maximize your earnings.

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