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Certified Sales Trainer - CST | Lebanon | Dubai | KSA

Why a Sales Trainer Certification?

Being able to present well is one of the most important communication skills in the business world today. It can be a vital link between business and opportunity. Good information, great ideas or the best proposal only gets you half way.


To be a successful professional presenter you need to be able to capture your audience and take them on your journey using effective presentations. This training is designed specially to help sales trainers plan, prepare and deliver their presentations and skills transfer effectively.

What's in it for you in the Sales Trainer Certification
  • Learn to design effective & engaging presentations

  • Master powerful & effective verbal & non-verbal communication techniques. 

  • Learn a variety of tools to add diversity & interest to engage an audience

  • Present information, thoughts & ideas confidently and persuasively to an individual or a group of listeners.

  • Have a well-structured, and confident approach to planning, organizing and delivering presentations and training.

  • Have a more flexible approach to presenting and be able to adapt your presentation style to suit different audiences and situations.

  • Have a greater level of comfort and control over yourself and the presentation 


When & Where?

The Certified Sales Trainer is held in both Virtual and In-Person at Crossroad Coaches Training Center.

Dates for Public session TBA.

Call us for your private certification program.

Who delivers it?

 The full program is delivered by Johnny El Ghoul, a veteran Master Coach with over 30 years experience in Sales, Sales Management, Sales Recruitment, Sales Training and Coaching in Lebanon and the Middle East.

How will it be delivererd?

The delivery of the Certified Sales Trainer - CST is highly interactive and uses a variety of classroom demonstrations, direct-experience practice exercises, games, group discussions and Q&A sessions, which creates a rich and stimulating learning environment that allows participants to confidently practice and experience the direct benefits of what they have learned.


Self-analysis questionnaires & feedback instruments, as well as personal attention and direction between the Master Coach and participants, will further assure that the material will be internalized, utilized rapidly, effectively, and immediately integrated into the work environment.

We believe in training as being the transfer of skills, behaviors, and attitudes. Management skills are explained, demonstrated, role-played, and fine tuned until the become second nature to serve you well at the times when you need them the most. 


This Certified Sales Trainer - CST Training adopts a spaced learning methodology to give participants ample time to practice the new learned skills immediately on the job and come back with real-life feedback to fine-tune their learning. Practice tasks will be assigned in between the classroom days to ensure practical application of what is being taught

N.B: A pre-requisite minimum experience of Three years in hands-on sales, or sales management in retail or direct selling is required to attend the certifications

Program customization available for In-house certification for Companies with a group size of minimum eight attendees; the curriculum can be tailored to your organization’s objectives to make the training more relevant to your industry and much more rewarding.

What if you become a Certified Sales Trainer? 

The best sales trainers have and use a structured process to transfer their sales skills to their trainees. You will learn the foundations of effective training, proven presenting strategies and practical tools you can use immediately. 


Imagine the personal power and confidence you will inevitably experience once you get good and be at ease, to deliver a compelling message that entices and motivates people into taking the actions you want. 

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