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Conflict Resolution - Exiting Babylon

We cannot not communicate! And the Meaning of any Communication is the result it gets. More often than not communication breaks down; Customers (Internal and External) who are handled in a friendly and efficient manner will have a positive first impression. If things are managed poorly, there will be a breakdown of trust, damaged relationships and possibly lost business. This interactive and highly practical Communication Skills Workshop will help you develop a clear, professional and meaningful Communication which fosters and builds harmonious relationships and resolve conflicts.


What will be covered in Exiting Babylon Training, Communication and Conflict Resolution Training?

  • Understand the Human Communication Model

  • Discover your own and others “Communication Preference.”

  • Discover your own and others “Behavioral Styles.”

  • Build deep levels of rapport with others quickly and easily

  • Communicate far more efficiently and precisely.

  • The Art of asking questions to get what you want

  • Handle Difficult people and elicit others co-operation

  • How People Tick: Learn how we code our experiences and find out what makes people behave the way they do.

  • Rapport Building: Advanced Techniques to get people to like you and agree with you quickly and effortlessly

  • Communication: It’s not what you say! Making the most of your voice, communicating over the  Phone

  • Representational Systems: Discover your way of perceiving the world and learn how to get your message across to others preferences.

  • Behavioral Styles:  Discover your Thinking Preference and find out how to get understood by other preferences.

  • Questions are the Answer: Learn how to ask questions that lead people into choosing the outcome you want.

  • Handling Difficult People: Through a Self-Assessment test, you will discover your own dominant Ego State and learn how it affects communication results. You will also learn the techniques to handle angry people through managing "Ego States."

What if you attend Exiting Babylon Training, Communication and Conflict Resolution Training?


Imagine being able to swiftly identify the communication preferences and psychological makeover of your clients and other relationships, would you say you would be a better communicator then? Would you like to have that?

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