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NLP for Sales

NLP has been labeled as “The Unfair Advantage,” it equips you with the scientific behavioral tools to influence how people make decisions. This Corporate Sales training or public event Sales training is focused on taking trainees’ existing sales skills to the next level. This fundamental approach differentiates the Sales master from the rest of the crowd by providing delegates with the core competencies required to attune their Communication and Persuasion Skills and pace their client’s experience, leading them to a favorable decision, thus maximizing their sales potential.


  • Learn what Sales Masters have differently

  • Build deep levels of trust with Clients quickly and easily

  • Use the art of non-verbal communication

  • Present your Product / Service with Maximum Persuasion

  • Discover your own and others' “Thinking and Deciding Styles.”

  • Learn the Art of asking questions that change minds

  • Identify Clients needs and create the desire to fulfill them.

  • Neutralize Objections and elicit Clients agreement

  • Learn how to secure appointments in a way that your prospect will look forward to meeting you.

  • Learn efficient work habits and start measuring and improving your sales progress

  • Find out how to create the powerful states of Confidence & Motivation instantly to drive your achievement

  • Learn the Art & Science of Closing the Sale


Imagine, for a moment, that you are with your most valuable prospect, and you can quickly gain their trust. This ability allows you to present your product or service in a manner that is the most comfortable and productive, for both you and your prospect, using an approach that flows perfectly well with the human behavioral patterns of buying a product or making a decision. You would feel empowered as you move confidently towards closing that deal while building healthy and fruitful business relationships.

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