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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course in Lebanon 

NLPMaster Practitioner

Upcoming NLP Practitioner Certification registration is open.

New session TBD

(9:00 AM- 5:00PM @ Crossroad Coaches® Training Centre)

Investment $ 1450 


10 seats only on first-come-first-served basis



What will be covered in the NLP Master Practitioner Certification from Crossroad Coaches?


  • The Human Communication Model

  • Frames of Change

  • Presuppositions of Conversational Change

  • Rules for inducing change


Linguistic Presuppositions

  • Recognizing Presuppositions

  • Recognizing Mind-reads

  • Working with Linguistic Presuppositions


Ericksonian Language Patterns

  • Milton Model - Hypnotic Language Patterns

  • Patterns of Direct and Indirect Suggestions

  • Embedded Commands

  • Working with Metaphors

  • Neutralizing Toxic Metaphors

  • Nested Loops


Advanced Questioning for change

  • Chunking Language

  • Meta Model

  • Meta Model III

  • Logical Levels of Therapy


Linguistic Sub-modalities


  • Modal Operators

  • Chaining Modal Operators

  • Spacial Language & scramble

  • Temporal Language & scramble

  • Nominalizations / Verbs / Tenses and possibilities


Sleight of Mouth Patterns

  • Identify The Patterns

  • Developing the patterns through questioning

  • Mapping and Mastering the patterns

​Advanced Persuasion Patterns

  • Artfully Vague Language

  • Cartesian Decision Making formula

  • De-identification Pattern

  • Parts Integration

  • Prime Concerns Elicitation Methods

  • Releasing Negative Emotions

Values and Motivation


  • Neurological Levels

  • Highly Valued Criteria & Attitude

  • Evolution of Values - Values Levels

  • Core Beliefs and Values

  • Values Elicitation & Utilization

  • Aligning Conflicting Values


Meta Programs, The basis of personality

  • ​The Basic Meta Programs

  • Meta Programs and Motivation

  • The Complex Meta Programs

  • Using Meta Programs for Influence

Advanced Sub-modalities

  • Belief Change with Sub-modalities

  • Compulsion Blow-out

  • Swish Pattern (Script)

  • Chaining Anchors

  • Four Step Swish Pattern

  • Learning State

  • Neurological Drivers

  • The 4-MAT System

  • Modeling


  • Strategies Theory

  • T.O.T.E Model

  • Components of a Strategy

  • Strategy Elicitation & Notation

  • Motivation Strategies

  • Learning Strategies

  • Love & Attraction Strategies


Why NLP Master Practitioner Certification from Crossroad Coaches?

NLP is an ever-growing collection of information, insights and mental techniques that can enable you to improve how you think, behave and feel - and assist others to do the same. In coaching, management, and team leadership NLP is a valuable skills plug-in with which to extend and fine-tune your influence and your ability to communicate, coach, motivate and manage. An NLP Master Practitioner Certification enables you to develop the NLP skills, the attitudinal outlook, and the behavioral flexibility with which to improve your own and your team performance.


The NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course is delivered by one of the highest paid coaches in Lebanon, Johnny El Ghoul, Master Coach.

For the past three decades, Johnny has been a Pioneer in the applied fields of Human behavior, his long life quest and curiosity is the in-depth study of interpersonal and intra-personal Communication. A Master Life & Executive Coach, he continues to bring the latest scientific research, findings, and developments in the field of brain research to individuals and corporations who are seeking working methods for aligning their thoughts, feelings, and actions to change, enhance, and maximize Human potential, performance, and results.


Johnny is the founder of Crossroad Coaches® and CCNLP and is the personal Life and Executive Coach for individuals and Executives from Sales Professionals to CEOs, Artists to Athletes. His passion and energy are only rivaled by his enthusiasm for the freedom that comes with owning one’s own life.


His speaking style is engaging, interactive and humorous creating a fun, relaxed, and informal, yet sharply focused learning environment.



How will it be delivered?

This NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course is delivered virtually online or at Crossroad Coaches Offices in Lebanon, over a period of 5 days

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course delivery is highly interactive, experiential, and uses a variety of classroom demonstrations, direct-experience practice exercises, and Q&A sessions, which creates a rich and stimulating NLP learning environment that allows participants to confidently practice and experience the direct benefits of what they have learned during the course.


What's in it for you?

Imagine how you would feel when you control your thinking and feeling process. Imagine the impact that would have on your everyday life. What about applying it in a coaching context?  


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