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NLP Training in Lebanon 

NLP Practitioner Certification & NLP Master Practitioner Certification 

Why CCNLP & Crossroad Coaches? 

  • NLP Certifications are now a Dime-a-dozen online (Do the research)
  • You can get from an NLP Practitioner to Master Practitioner to an NLP Trainer at supersonic speed with online exams that show or offer little or no real proof of mastery (Do the research)
  • International Certification Bodies are for-profit Businesses  (Make no mistake there)
  • The Local representatives of those NLP certification bodies are also for-profit businesses (Duh!)
  • Reputable NLP Certification bodies are simply bigger businesses with more pressure to generate profit
  • Fierce competition inevitably lowers the quality of graduates, fueling the critics of the legitimacy of NLP
  • NLP is a Methodology that you can read about in books, but you can only learn from a veteran in the field
  • The NLP Certification Seal does not make you an NLP’er, deliberate, and coached practice does
  • Would you rather learn NLP from someone who has read the books or from someone who has practiced and innovated on the books for over a decade?
NLP Practitoner
NLP Master Practitioner
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