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This program offers 60 hours of combined synchronous & asynchronous coach-specific training to apply for an ICF Membership or an ICF Credential via the ICF Portfolio Path.

Life Coach Certification

The Life Coaching Certification will allow you to:

  • Explore & Understand The Client’s Challenges & Opportunities

  • Build Rapport & Trust 

  • Carve your Coach identity: Qualities & Competencies

  • Fortify your Coaching arsenal: Concepts | Tools | Techniques

  • Develop Strong Communication Techniques

  • Plan & Set Goals for your clients

  • Practice Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, and Direct Communication

  • Build a session plan

  • Coach for tangible results and peak performance 

  • Developing your private practice, marketing tools, & resources

  • Conduct and receive a life-changing Breakthrough Sessions 

  • Receive your Coaching Forms and Assessments 

  • Plan your way forward


This Life Coaching course is highly experiential; you will learn how to coach others while being coached yourself. Learn more

NLP Practitioner Certification

Become a Licenced NLP Practitioner, start coaching and earning immediately. Imagine how you would feel when you control your thinking and feeling process. Imagine the impact that would have on your everyday life. What about applying it in a coaching context? 

Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand what motivates a person and how they prefer to work, what sparks their interests and drive, how they communicate, make decisions and connect with  others? Imagine that you can read more into people and that you can change any unwanted behavior as well as to create and maintain powerful states. 

This interactive training will teach you the fundamentals of the new science of personal achievement, which is an effective methodology based on the belief that all behavior has a structure and that this structure can be modeled, learned and changed. You will learn about your patterns and programs as well as in others, how you can change them and run the software in your mind to get the desired results and make the changes that matter most. Learn more...

Investment: $950 or equivalent in L.L at market rate

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