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Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Fundamentals of Life Coaching in Lebanon & Middle East

Upcoming "Fundamentals of Life Coaching" in Lebanon August 19th & 20th, 2017


Crossroad Coaches' Training Center (See Location Map)


Only 10 seats available on first come, first served basis


Investment Only $490




Our proposition is simple: After attending the Fundamentals of Life Coaching workshop, should you decide to enroll in the next Accredited Life Coach Certification in September, the fees paid for this workshop will be deducted in full from the certification course's investment. It couldn’t get any easier and better, could it? Call us today

Why only the Fundamentals of Life Coaching?

You may have been considering the thought of becoming a certified Life Coach and you are still not quite sure if it is the right path for you yet, while the investment in time, effort & Money for a full certification is a substantial one.



Maybe you do not wish to become a Life Coach and still have a need to acquire, and use for solid essential coaching skills to use on yourself and with others both formally and informally.




Maybe you are just curious about what the buzz is all about around that mysterious profession of Life Coaches.


If any of the above describes you, then read on…

What will be covered in the Fundamentals of Life Coaching?

    •    Explore & Understand The Client’s Challenges & Opportunities

    •    The Coach: Qualities & Competencies

    •    Coaching Concepts | Tools | Techniques

    •    Learn a simple and highly effective coaching model

    •    Conduct and receive a sample Coaching Session 

    •    Receive your Coaching Forms 

    •    Your Coaching Business: the tips & tricks

    •    Find your way forward

Who delivers the Fundamentals of Life Coaching?

The Fundamentals of to Life Coaching is delivered by Johnny El Ghoul.  

For the past three decades, Johnny has been a Pioneer in the applied fields of Human behavior, his long life quest and curiosity is the in-depth study of interpersonal and intra-personal Communication. A Master Life & Executive Coach, he continues to bring the latest scientific research, findings, and developments in the field of brain research to individuals and corporations who are seeking working methods for aligning their thoughts, feelings, and actions to change, enhance, and maximize Human potential, performance, and results.


Johnny is the founder of Crossroad Coaches® and CCNLP and is the personal Life and Executive Coach for individuals and Executives from Sales Professionals to CEOs, Artists to Athletes. His passion and energy are only rivaled by his enthusiasm for the freedom that comes with owning one’s own life.


His speaking style is engaging, interactive and humorous creating a fun, relaxed, and informal, yet sharply focused learning environment.



How will the Fundamentals of Life Coaching be delivered?

The course outline of the Fundamentals of Life Coaching draws on practical tools and techniques from the most track-record proven, effective tools drawn from many schools of coaching and people management, such as Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, NLP, Fulfillment, Change, and Co-Active Coaching. The course is also based on the Master Coach's thousands of hours spent in coaching, mentoring, and counseling with clients from all walks of life, backgrounds, challenges, and experience.


This is a highly experiential coaching experience; you will learn how to coach others while being coached yourself.

So what if you attend the Fundamentals of Life Coaching?

Our proposition is simple: After attending the Fundamentals of Life Coaching workshop, should you decide to enroll in the next Accredited Life Coach Certification, the tuition fees for this workshop will be totally deducted from the full certificate’s investment. It couldn’t get any easier and better, could it? Call us today, only Ten seats available.


As a potential Life Coach, you will get the opportunity to work with so many clients from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experience. Regardless of how your client articulates their challenges. They all, and we do too, have the urge to be, do and have all that we can be, do, and have. The road to living a life of purpose is not an easy one. Courage is needed to face up to the challenges, and life skills are crucial to navigating unfamiliar territories; this is where you come in as a coach, to be with your client at their crossroads, holding the space for them while they explore the possibilities that are there for them. And then supporting them in making those changes by “deepening the learning and forwarding the action” which is after all, what coaching is all about. Is it for you?


What our Graduates and Attendees feel and say about their experience at Crossroad Coaches

Carla Chamoun Azar

Life Coach

It is always a pleasure to attend a training day with you, Johnny. There is a comfy feeling of being home at Crossroad Coaches. It is a place where you can open up freely to those Aha! moments and valuable learnings. Thank you.

Hasmig Daniel

Life Coach, Executive Coach, Change Coach, NLP

I really want to Thank u  you, Johnny! I wish I can inspire my clients as much as u inspire me by nudging me and highlighting points which always directs me and makes a difference in my life. Each time I leave Crossroad coaches office after a training, I feel contended because of knowledge and learning you impart upon us which is a great asset for us in our career. Crossroad Coaches office is a “ Home”  where I express myself freely!

Randa Daou

Life Coach, Sales Manager, Pharmaceuticals

Every time I attend your workshop; I thank you for the huge transformation you do to all of the attendees including me. Crossroads office feels like a home place where we can express freely, and I swear to god although I'm expressive there are hidden emotions that I was very afraid to disclose them unless yesterday ....proud to be a part of Crossroads family. Thank you, Coach Johnny

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