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"The Fix"

A Blog by Johnny El Ghoul

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Amazing how time flies! It has been six years since I first started the “Weekly Fix”. It has been coming out consistently every Thursday morning at 8:30 AM Beirut time without a miss. I have to admit that what I have learned from writing those three Hundred and some “Fixes” surpasses and outweighs any learning that any avid reader has got out of reading them. I feel that I am ready now to take my relationship with writing to the next level and commit to the long overdue book that I have been meaning to write. Tending to new and existing clients, initiating other major projects for 2017 like getting a Master Coach Certification and launching a Sales Coaching Certification Program, as well as a Business Coaching Certification Program, will greatly diminish the time that can be allocated for a weekly edition. So starting January 2017 The “Weekly Fix” will turn into a monthly edition and will rebrand as “The Fix”, coming out on the morning of every first Thursday of the month. For those who are avid and consistent readers, I promise that what you will miss on a weekly basis will is being transformed into a more condensed version of a book, which I will be writing with you in mind. - Johnny


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